Windows vs. Linux Hosting – An Eternal Debate

Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting – An Eternal Debate

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While the two venerable giants; Windows and Linux; in desktop markets command great number of debates from users and developers alike, they create more in the hosting domain. As a website owner trying to host your website, it thus becomes important to choose one. However, the choice might be the tricky part – do you go for open-source Linux or Microsoft backed Windows platform? Let us look at some of the associated jargon to get started.

Clearing the Fog

As a person who just wants a website up and running, you will face multitude of technical jargons that convey many a meaning. Hence, let us look at the development process and associated jargons.

  • The Back-End: The tools that are used can be ASP.NET (Microsoft’s solution), PHP, Ruby on Rails and Django based on Python. You also need to perform data I/O which is stored in databases and some are MySQL (free and open-source), MS SQL Server (Microsoft’s product).
  • Content Management: To manage the various contents like articles, photos and videos, you use WordPress, Joomla, etc.

Making the Choice

  • Windows: Microsoft provides its own suite of tools like ASP.NET for creating web pages and MS SQL Server for database I/O. If you are planning to use these technologies to implement your web solution, you should definitely opt for Windows hosting.
  • Linux: However if you are using MySQL/WordPress/PHP then you might want to go for Linux for better support with these tools. However if you just want things to work and are not aware or bothered about solutions, it is best recommended you go for free and open-source software and hence Linux should be your choice.

Note the fact that most Linux deployed web projects can be fairly easily ported over to Windows while the reverse being not true.

The Misconceptions

Often people confuse with the desktop OS they are using to be same as their server choice and end up selecting that. However, your desktop OS has nothing to do with it. Also, do not choose the OS beforehand and then go for tools accordingly. Try to familiarize about the various tools and what will make you achieve the best workflow and accordingly choose your host platform.

Choosing Linux vs. Windows can prove to be tricky if you are not aware about the tools you would be using. Hence, it is advisable to choose your tools and then make a choice of platforms. With the above tips and advice in mind, you can make the choice and make for a smooth deployment.